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Here you will find all the products connected with the study of The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®, including a variety of related books, films, music and posters. The Academy For Future Science offers a complete training program for individuals and groups. Our programs can also be used for the multi-disciplinary needs of an academic environment where each individual can design their own course of program. Our books and audio/video tutorials cover the basics for your investigation into our work and the ancient teachings based on the Scriptures and other prophetic, ancient wisdom traditions of the West. The teachings of The Keys also detail many other new findings in physics, archeology, linguistics, parapsychology, music, the environment and space sciences. Our theme is the Future calling us to Greatness. We appreciate your visit to our shop and hope you will enjoy browsing!




Sacred Heart – VAYIKRA

by Jocelyn B. Smith
& Volker Schlott


The second of the extraordinary music series on the Names of the Divine Mother in beautiful music by Jocelyn B. Smith and Volker Schlott, with special appearance by Dr. J.J. Hurtak giving the Melchizedekian blessing.

High-quality recording.


22.50 €