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The Holy Sephiroth And The Keys of Enoch®

by Dr. J.J. Hurtak


The Holy Sephiroth is a 12-month study program explaining the Sephiroth, the ten distinct stages of Light according to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life from Malkuth (Kingdom) to Kether (Crown). This program of teaching will involve twelve study workbooks, designed to be studied one per month. The ten stages of the Sephiroth reveal the Attributes of the Divine, the Nature of the Universe, and the Garment of Light.

The studies are based on the formative powers of the Divine Names knitted together with the new horizons of the scientific keys outlined from The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch® and the Biblical correlation’s of the teachings of the Masters of the Kingdom.

The Sephirothic series in combination with The Keys offers an immense enrichment to our understanding of the revelation-tradition of the Living Word, particularly as it applies to the elevation of Light work throughout the world. The purpose of this study program is to emphasize the thought-forms of higher states of consciousness that can be applied to a wide scale of teaching, meditation and visualization techniques, so necessary for Light work on all levels.

This series of teaching texts explains the mystery of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life as it brings together the evolution from the earthly Kingdom of Malkuth into the many Trees of Life through Divine Evolution into the many worlds of our Father's House of Many Mansions.

This series is recommended only after you have read The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch. It is not an explanation of the book but an advanced teaching that goes with the book. (For an explanation of The Book of Knowledge, see the "Exposition" Study Series.) 


12 booklets, 720 Pages in full

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